No Doubt Eat Out – Pizza Express

It’s often difficult to eat out without ruining your healthy eating plans so in this series we’ll asses different restaurants and try to give you a couple of options that will be delicious as well as nutritious (how many times do you think we’re gonna make that joke).


Edition 2 – Pizza Express


Niçoise Salad (without house dressing)

We’ve chosen to order this salad without dressing which can dramatically reduce calories, fat and salt. The eggs and tuna provide an excellent protein source and the huge variety of fruit and veg give you a whole host of different vitamins and minerals. This salad even contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, niacin and selenium thanks to the white anchovies.





Any of the Leggera Pizzas (without salad dressing)

Leggera means light in Italian. All of these pizzas have a ring cut out the middle which is filled with salad. The salad fills you up with vitamins which makes you less hungry for pizza and there is less fat in these meals. Our favourite Leggera pizzas are the Padana and the Pollo ad Astra. These two also are under 600 calories.



Eat your heart out



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