5 for £5 – Holland and Barrett

We’ve been shopping for some inexpensive healthy buys. In this series we choose a shop and buy our 5 favourite healthy items for under £5 and then share them as we know how expensive some healthy food can be.


Edition 3 – Holland and Barrett



Nakd Tangy Lime Raisins – 49p

These raisins come in three different flavours; lime, cola, and cherry. We love this twist on a regular snack.






Frutina Real Fruit Snack – 79p

These bars are 100% fruit and taste amazing. At only 43 calories per snack bar, these are a great purchase. 10/10 recommend.






Hummus Chips – 85p

With only six ingredients, these chips are gluten free, and suitable for vegans. We buy packets of these every time we’re out.







Nakd Bars – 99p each

There are so many different flavours of Nakd bar. Some of our person favourites are the Cocoa Orange bar, the Pecan Pie bar (pictured), the Bakewell Tart bar and the Cashew Cookie bar. Nakd are very good at making their products taste like the real thing. The Bakewell Tart bar literally tastes exactly the same as one!




Garlic and Herb Crisps – £1.69

Aside from the slightly expensive price, these flaxseed crisps will bring you joy. These come in Garlic and Herb (pictured) or Cayenne Pepper. They are naturally high in Omega 3 and fibre and taste brilliant.




Happy shopping

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