5 for £5 – Sainsbury’s

We’ve been shopping for some inexpensive healthy buys. In this series we choose a shop and buy our 5 favourite healthy items for under £5 and then share them as we know how expensive some healthy food can be.


Edition 2 – Sainsbury’s


Lentil Sprout Mix – £1.50

This mix is great in salads, stir fries and soups. In one serving you get a whopping 11g of protein! The mix also had no added sugar or salt and is high in fibre. Really there’s no going wrong.





Bear Yo Yo’s – 60p Each

You may see kids eating these vegan snacks, but we love them too! They literally taste like sweets but are only made of fruit. What’s not to like?





Munchy Seeds (Omega Sprinkles) – 75p

These gluten free, wheat free, vegan seed packs are so tasty. Suitable for nearly everyone, these are a brilliant cheap buy.







Peanut Butter Squeeze Pack – £1

These ‘squeeze packs’ are just small pouches of peanut butter. Although they aren’t any different from regular peanut butter, we think they should be featured as we think it’s a great idea for a packed meal or snack.


Urban Fruit Pineapple – £1

Dried pineapple may be our favourite dried fruit as it literally tastes like sweets. Urban Fruit is one of the companies who don’t catch you out by added sugar to their dried fruit! We love it.

Happy shopping

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