Our Favourite Health Apps

All of us are guilty of being on our phones often. However some apps can help us develop new skills, keep a positive mindset, and motivate us to keep fit and healthy. These are our favourites for…


Tracking Water Intake

Waterlogged (iOS/Android)

Plant Nanny (iOS/Android)

Waterlogged and Plant Nanny are both amazing apps to track your water intake. Waterlogged lets you set a target and as you record the liquid you drink, the bottle displayed fills up. You can also record other liquids like coffee and juice. Plant Nanny takes your weight and how much exercise you do, and calculates how much water you should be drinking. You then have a plant and if not enough water is recorded, your plant begins to die. If you struggle with drinking enough water, check out our blog post with tips to drinking more.

Overall Fitness Tracking and Calorie Counting

My Fitness Pal (iOS/Android)

FitBit (iOS/Android)

My Fitness Pal and FitBit both track calories and exercise. FitBit works without actually owning the FitBit itself. If you are looking for an app just to record food, My Fitness Pal has a larger selection of the food you find in stores. However if you are looking for more of an all round fitness tracker, FitBit is the way forward!

Keeping Calm and Meditating

Calm (iOS/Android)

Headspace (iOS/Android)

Keeping calm is so important. Even 5-10 minutes of meditation a day can get you into a calming routine. Headspace is good for the beginners however after the induction, you have to be prepared to pay for the good packages. Calm is better for unguided mediation, however it still has spoken guides throughout the app. Again, in Calm, you have to pay for the good packages, but going by unguided meditation this app is the better of the two.

Tracking Workouts

Map My Run (iOS/Android)

Nike Running App (iOS/Android)

Seconds (iOS/Android)

Map My Run and Nike Running Club both track runs and walks. For committed runners we recommend the Nike app as you can choose from a variety of running styles such as Basic Distance, Duration, and Speed. Seconds is a free interval training timer. It’s brilliant for HIIT workout and allows you to alter the activity and rest time to suit your preferences.

Tracking Menstrual Cycle

Clue (iOS/Android)

Clue is the best out there when tracking your cycle. It takes into account the heaviness, collection method, cravings, pain, and more in just one app.

Sharing and Socialising

Pump Up (iOS/Android)

Instagram (iOS/Android)

YouTube (iOS/Android)

PumpUp is like Instagram for fitness lovers. You have a feed like Instagram but you can also track and create workouts. Obviously Instagram and YouTube are basics when it comes to Social Media. Check out our blog post with our favourite YouTubers.


We hope you APPsolutely love these,

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