Our Favourite Fitspo YouTubers

We all have those days when we’re lacking in motivation. These fitspos are filled with fitsporation (yes, we hate us too). But in all seriousness, we completely love these accounts as they fill us with determination and inspire us to brighten our days.

Pop Sugar Fitness

Pop Sugar Fitness is a channel sharing workout videos from different instructors. From beginner to advanced, there’s a workout for everyone. It’s a great channel for trying out a variety of different training styles. Some of our favourite trainers are Christa DiPaolo from The Cut, and Jeanette Jenkins, the Hollywood Trainer.

The Body Coach

Joe Wicks has the perfect HIIT workouts to get your heart rate up and sweat pouring. He has a variety of short HIIT workouts for times you are in a rush but still want to get a great workout. Some of our favourite workouts are The Naughty 15 Minute and The 25 Minute Cardio + Legs Blaster.


Cassey Ho is one of the most well known YouTube fitness accounts on the website. She has a variety of different styles of workout, ranging from beginner to advanced. Our favourites are The Xtreme Abs and The Brutal Booty.

Becca Bristow

Becca is a registered dietitian who really knows her stuff. Her videos are all about what to eat to stay in the best health possible. We love her What I Eat In a Day videos and her Recipes; our favourites being her Cinco de Mayo and her Banana Bread.


Happy watching!

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