5 for £5 – Aldi

We’ve been shopping for some inexpensive healthy buys. In this series we choose a shop and buy our 5 favourite healthy items for under £5 and then share them as we know how expensive some healthy food can be.

Edition 1 – Aldi


Paleo Bars – 49p per bar/£1.99 5 pack

These bars are simply made out of fruit and nuts. Compared to other bars such as Nakd or Trek, these are a bargain. Our favourites are the ‘Brazil Nut and Cherry’ and the ‘Cashew Crush’. They also come in more flavours such as the ‘Macadamia and Coconut’ ones.





Almonds – £1.29

Aldi sell a large variety of nuts. One of our favourites are almonds. Again they are a bargain and have loads of protein (and a Vitimen E punch) packed into them.






Soya Milk – 59p

Almond Milk – 99p

If you are lactose intolerant or don’t like the taste of milk, these alternatives are dairy free and tasty. They both come in sweetened versions but we prefer them unsweetened as we find they are more versatile.




Chia and Oat Crispbread Crackers – £1.29

Our last item is these crispbreads. Quite often we find crispbread is quite expensive and also contains a lot of nonsense. However these ones are healthy AND cheap. We are amazed.




Happy shopping

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