3 Tips for Starting Your Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Trying to go from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle quickly is difficult. It does take time and effort. But after taking small steps over a long period of time they will add up to one big leap. A big leap to a happier, healthier lifestyle. These three tips help us, and we hope they can also help you. Good luck!

Create a Realistic Timetable for Exercise

Start off by creating yourself a timetable and make it realistic. For instance, if you have never gone on a run before and want to get into running, do not write down you are going to run everyday. Start off maybe running once a week, and then once you are comfortable doing that, run twice a week, and so on. Start off slow, and then add on. Make sure you put in a rest day into your timetable. This is so important.

If you feel like you can’t make a timetable yourself, there are many monthly timetables that fitness instructors post online. One of our personal favourite instructor that does this is Cassey Ho, from Blogilates on YouTube. On her website www.blogilates.com she has so many different programs in timetable form, such as the beginners calendar and the flat abs challenge. These are a great way to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Make Your Own Meals and Drink Water

Breakfast is incredibly important. Generally you have not eaten in over 7 to 8 hours hence the name; breakfast = breaking the fast. I find if I eat a lot for breakfast it is less likely I will binge on rubbish later in the day. I always have a piece of fruit or a smoothie, and I make myself eggs or have a bowl of porridge.  It’s really important to have something filling in the morning. If you do not have a lot of time to make food, something like cereal or toast is a good choice.

Whether you are at home, at school, or at work for your lunch and dinner, making your own meals is an easy way to see exactly what you are eating without the stress of having to write it in your phone to count your calories. In the long run, it will often save you money. Nowadays, with the internet it is really easy to find recipes online. I usually use Yummly to find my recipes.

Everyone hears this everywhere, but drinking water genuinely helps when you’re trying to be healthy. Quite often I feel like I need to eat but actually all I need is a drink. I now set myself a goal to have 500 ml every 2 hours while I am at school, and have 1 litre when I get home. This also saves money, as you are not buying any drinks at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Try Something New

Trying something new could be to do with food or exercise.

Food wise, when we want to try something new, we go on a healthy food shop to Holland and Barrett, Tesco, or Aldi. We then pick up loads of different healthy snacks and meals I’ve never tried before. Obviously, this could end up being very expensive so we usually go together and we half all of the food. Doing this is really useful when you’re struggling on what to eat.

It is important to challenge your body when exercising. This is why going to a new exercise class or trying a new sport could help you lose weight or tone up quicker than doing exercises your body is used to. Check out what’s on in your area and try something different.

We wish you luck on your journey
M & B


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